vrijdag 23 september 2011

Kopenhagen in 5 very random pictures

My first time getting FREE espresso at the Mcdonalds. A girl walked around with a tray with cups of espresso and asked  if we wanted coffee (I'm not sure, she spoke Danish and I.... don't heehee). Why doesn't our Mcdonald have that kind of service?!

                                                                                           'Scrubs' without sound but with subtitles. I wonder what he is saying.
                                                      Maybe something like: "Yo, obviously I like my grapes peeled and seedless." (Ok, probably not XP)

 The (extremely) nervous tourguide (his expression is priceless haha). It was his first day, and he was non stop stuttering and shaking. 
                                                He did try to crack some jokes, so I "laughed" at all of them to show him a little support haha.

Cool looking energy drinks. I should have bought one to try! -_- 

All you can eat hostel breakfast. 

2 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Hey, you should've tried that Pac-Man drink! XD I'd love to visit Kophenhagen one day. You are so sweet to laugh at his jokes...haha. *thumbs up to the all you can eat brekkie*

Rosamond Kim zei

The breakfast looks so delish. Copenhagen looks so peaceful.

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