dinsdag 7 juni 2011

NOTD - Glitter Mania

Taadaaa my NOTD! Hope y'all like it! ^^

14 opmerkingen:

hevn zei

It looks fabulous! Very nicely done <3

Shop N' Chomp zei

Omg, your profile pic is hilarious! XD I freaking love your nails. Sadly I suck and only do well with one color. :\

Huynh zei

Your nails look great :) It so creatice

breakingrumours zei

love this! great inspiration,would maybe try this on my nails when it grows the next round ^^

Shop N' Chomp zei

Practicing is overrated. J/K :P

Lisa zei

omgosh your nails are SO CUTE!!! i love this. i'm going to try this out :)

breakingrumours zei

thanks for the suggestion senita :) but i dont think skincode is available here in my country T.T but ill be on the lookout!

Joey zei

I love it! It's so pretty! It's kinda cosmic disco.

*~kAy~* zei

Wow so nice!

Nikki zei

Awww Looks very cute! :)

Kalmo zei

This is a gorgeous NOTD. I love the glitter and gradient effect.

Kalmo zei

Wah omg shipping is so expensive overseas. I hope it works for you. :)

Old Cow zei

STUNNING!!!! I ♥ it!

Shop N' Chomp zei

Thanks for entering, Senita! Good luck :)

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