donderdag 10 februari 2011

When it comes to skincare...

...I rather listen to a pro instead of beauty/make-up "guru's" with lots of followers hahaha. For example Dr. Schultz, who explains everything in a understandable non boring way. The videos are really helpful and very informative! So I learned a lot about skincare. I kind of believed that skincare products would stop working because your skin adapts...

but it's a MYTH!

So I'm sticking to my routine because it works. You should adapt skincare according to season, which makes sense haha. Another question I had was why topical exfoliaters did nothing for clogged pores and if it's true you should exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week?! The anwser is no:

Another question I had -> What is the difference between BHA en AHA? How does it work? The answer:

I prefer video format explanations because factual textual explanation are...well...kind of boring. Most of the time that is.

Till next time haha

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Shop N' Chomp zei

Haha! I feel so honored that you posted. XD

I'm more visual too so I prefer video-based anything. Hee next post is on skincare. ;)

Senita zei

You should....hahaha! Yay, I like skincare posts!\\^0^//

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