vrijdag 18 juni 2010

NOTD: Very Goopy Black + Copied Nails

Hey everyone! Just another NOTD! I found a way to use my old thick nail polishes. (Good thing, I have A LOT of polishes) With some practice, you can make a 'dripping' effect with them. So here are some webcam pics (because this way i'll probably update more often XP):

I used a taupe colour as a base + old thick goopy black polish for the droopy effect
I used a piece of paper and this pen thing for dotting...(as always)

Tadaa! I just used the original polish brush to apply the black. How?  Ehhh.... how do I explain this...well it's like
doing a messy french manicure I guess.

Hehe these are my nails from a few weeks ago! I used a navy blue as a base + the pen thing with white polish X) Place dots and short strokes for the effect. If you want to try these but don't have the time/patience...just order:

                                   These fake nails from ASOS! I think they look awesome. But I don't like wearing fake nails and recreating is more fun hehe X)

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*~kAy~* zei

love this idea! I'll try this with my chipped nail manicure haha! It might extend the wear of my manicure for a bit longer :p

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