vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Circle lenses+falsies+eye lid glue = huge difference!

Wow it's like magic! These girls are models but they look really different au naturelle. Hehe the natural look is a bit exaggerated though XP

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Leather move aside for canvas: Affordable but not accessible (yet)

Hey who owns 5 Birkin bags?! Happy colours!:D I thought when I saw this picture on a dutch beauty blog.

These are not the real deal though.( surprise) It's a Birkin bag print on a canvas bag for $45! (Yay affordable)
Hehe I prefer these over the 'real' Birkin bag though, because it looks fun and interesting this way. And these bags are more versatile! They are not as heavy as leather and you can put your mini dog, groceries, KFC bucket, books or whatever in it. And not to forget, no never-ending waiting list...for a bag.

...Ok, that's partially a lie.

Because these obviously fake but fun bags do have a waiting list. But not never-ending, 'only' three months....somewhere in Taiwan. Too bad the author from bagsnob.com  is keeping the shop a secret. I'm really curious if the shop makes other print bags! It would be great if they had a webshop... What do you think about these canvas Birkin? Would you buy one/two?

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

NOTD: Very Goopy Black + Copied Nails

Hey everyone! Just another NOTD! I found a way to use my old thick nail polishes. (Good thing, I have A LOT of polishes) With some practice, you can make a 'dripping' effect with them. So here are some webcam pics (because this way i'll probably update more often XP):

I used a taupe colour as a base + old thick goopy black polish for the droopy effect
I used a piece of paper and this pen thing for dotting...(as always)

Tadaa! I just used the original polish brush to apply the black. How?  Ehhh.... how do I explain this...well it's like
doing a messy french manicure I guess.

Hehe these are my nails from a few weeks ago! I used a navy blue as a base + the pen thing with white polish X) Place dots and short strokes for the effect. If you want to try these but don't have the time/patience...just order:

                                   These fake nails from ASOS! I think they look awesome. But I don't like wearing fake nails and recreating is more fun hehe X)

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