zaterdag 17 april 2010

Who needs HD quality anyway....

...Every wrinkle, pimple, pimple with camouflage, pore will show up in pictures and movies. No more...*WOW* she/he is so pretty/handsome...But *WOW* I can even see her/his clogged pores underneath the foundation! Its so real!

Byebye illusion.

At least that was what I thought when I was watching the male lead of a kdrama....

Hehe ok, I just came up with that thought because I  was playing around with my old low pixel webcam with RightLight technology hehe...and I really like the blurry effect and the bright contrast it gives and how it captures movement...

Oh! I bought a red lip balm today (Yay 50% off)...well, I think it is more a lipstick. But for those of you who want to know, its the GOSH Soft'n Shine in KISS. It is really red isn't it? X) I think I would wear this for "special" occasions haha...or like now, at home for fun hehe.

3 opmerkingen:

jen zei

oh you're so pretty!
i wish i could pull of red lipstick as well as you can lol..

btw, thanks for stopping by!

jen zei

haha you're too kind.
red lips are too daring for me,
but they look awesome on you though..

kalai zei

wow so bright~lol. i'm such a chicken. i only own pinky/nudey lip anything too bright i get scared. i know i can't pull it off!

photo 2 looks cool^^. the motion one look bit creepy

how are you anyways? --the day after i posted saying it was sunny, it started to rain like crazy=__= lol xx

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