zaterdag 3 april 2010

Tummy make-up....

Hi! Is anyone reading this?! XP Hehe I have been busy with everything except....yessss blogging!  So I haven't updated for a while, I'm so sorry for those of you who were checking out my blog everyday for updates. XP Okay, you didn't hehe but anyway...

 I still have 5000- 426 = 4574 words to type for my paper. And I really should go back to typing my paper instead of doing this...but I'm having my SAB moment (again). I'll share with you what I was watching...

Awesome isn't it?! Haha no more doing crunches for sexy abs! Yupp.....

...But then I found this video response which I thought was really funny hehe X)

Although she was being sarcastic saying:

"Cause you never really want people to know how you actually look like."

But there is some truth in that, don't you think? hehe X)

Ok, 4574 to go...! 8)

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Shop N' Chomp zei

Hey, are you done with your paper yet?! :) Hope you're doing well.

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