vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Wash your brushes and hang em!

A few minutes ago, Michelle Phan was teaching me how to wash and dry make up brushes. And when I watched the vid, it reminded me that my brushes are really dirrrty. She suggested dishwasher + olive oil for washing. I wanted to try that, but I ended up thinking dishwasher + baby shampoo + jojoba oil should work fine too? X) For drying your brushes, Michelle suggested using brush guards.Hmm... I don't own brush guards to protect my brushes and dry them upside down. So I just dried them like this:

Haha I must say...I think this might be better then laying them on a towel to dry. And it's easy to do, I only used hair bands, a clothing hanger and laundry clips. Since my brushes are hanging upside down and not falling down, I think this works for me haha X) How do you dry your brushes?

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kalai zei

lol. i just lay them on a towel.. you think this works better? i might try it out~ xx

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