maandag 15 februari 2010

Wait! Don't trash my LV!

It's old news for some of you, but it's new news for me....The LV Raindrop Besace bag, that is inspired trashbag? It looks like a trashbag with a leather strap on it. And if you take the strap can carry it around like a trashbag! Haha briljant how Marc Jacobs makes something so basic/avarage/cheap into something arty and exclusive (and very...very.... expensive for a trashbag). He says that there are crazy people who will by it as long it's exclusive.Oh yeah...I totally agree. Who wouldn't want it? It's only $2000.

I must say that the green bag really does look like a trashbag...but the brown one looks quite nice! XP


1 opmerking:

kalai zei

lol..... it does really look like a binbag.. the colour, texture... lol

the brown is quite nice. but why anyone would buy the binbag.. ?

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