maandag 15 februari 2010

Chea ..Hip Hip Hooray! My first blog award!

Yay! I got my first blog award from The Owl's Closet ~3~! Thank you! It's the Happy 101 award, so I have to blog about ten things that make me happy.

 My happy list:

1. Watching korean/taiwanese/japanese drama! Goong, My Girl, Delighful Girl Choon Yang, Full House, Coffee Prince, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango...I heart them all! I'm currently watching 'Down With Love' with Ella and Jerry! Ella's acting is always a bit over the top with her movements and expressions...but hey, it's making me laugh, so it's fine! X)

2. Music! I kind of get obsessed with one or two songs for a while. Currently it is this one:

I can listen to nothing else but this song for hours/days haha!  But since this a happy post, I'll post a happy song X)

3. 500 Days of Summer! \\^0^// Or movies in general hehe. I like combinations of action, thriller, horror, animation, Sci-Fi and romance! My latest favourite happy movies at the moment are:  Zombie Land and I Love You, Man. (Good laugh guaranteed)

4. Food. Especially when i'm craving something and then... get to eat it !X) You can make me happy with ice cream(!), sea food, dim sum, sushi, pasta, fresh juices or smoothies, 70% pure chocolate, pie, red bean soup, congee, korean noodle, coffee etc.
                                                                            Oeh...these icecream mochi look so good! *_*

5. I don't do it as often as I like and that is traveling! I would like to travel more in the future and learn another language while I still can hehe. Korean sounds like a fun language to learn...although it's probably not that useful haha XP

6. Shopping and find something nice and cheap! I also like to buy things that other people couldn't find and mentioned it to me X) (as long it is not extremely expensive haha)

7. I get extremely happy when I put a lot of effort in something/anything and...succeed!

8. Doing something creative! Which can be drawing, baking, painting etc. I also like to look at other peoples work.

9. Like most asian girls...cute colourful graphics/things (and that does not include anything hello kitty related hehe)

10. Having something to look forward to. Could be meeting with friends you have have not seen for a long time.

8 opmerkingen:

kalai zei

that mochi looks good^^ i havent had mochi in a long time now.

i love that song 2pm song too^^

the cute things pic is soo

happy belated valentines~ hope your having a good week too~ x

Shop N' Chomp zei

Ok, how can you forget what Mickey looks like?! XP

Congrats on your award, girlie! I've been lazy on Blogger. How have you been? Love your happy list esp the pic of the ice cream mochi (yum :) and Dexter. :P

Jenny zei

Hai! *waves* Tis my first visit here and wanted to check things out. You have a very cool blog :D Love your posts!

Definitely coming back for more readage.

Shop N' Chomp zei

Yeah but also lazy! XP

michelle_ zei

i love mochi ice creams !
they're super addicting !
many thanks for the sweet comments .
visit - follow - comment me

MIA zei

lovely cookies

Susie zei

I love 500 Days of Summer's soundtrack! Sooooo good (: & The mochi looks amazing! Hahaha, I haven't seen a lot of those colors for mochi though.

bowsnhearts zei

I love all the Japanese/Korean dramas too! All the dramas that you have listed, I have watched!!!

I am a big fan of asian dramas! Haha!

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