zaterdag 2 januari 2010

Sweet Experiment

Did you have an awesome new year with lot's of yumyum food? X) I sure had! When I was shopping in an Asian supermarket, I saw this:

Lapis Tepung Baras....interesting! I always buy a piece of white/green layer cake when it's available...but I guess this is the original name for it? It's super sweet, chewy, sticky and taste like rice and coconut? Since I hoped this was the mix for it, I bought it. And today I tried it out. So I followed the instructions........

The box contains: Vanilla mix + Pandan mix

450ml coconut milk+650 water -> Boil till ur left with 800ml =_=


    450ml coconut milk with pandan mix. (Ew not tasty looking...yet)

               350ml coconut milk + vanilla mix

  Filter Pandan and Vanilla batter!


The steaming wok is ready!XP So now comes the timing consuming part. You have to  pour 100ml batter every 5-7 minutes....but what you get in return is this:

               Ew. That's not smooth nice white and pretty green like the ones in the Asn supermarket! T_T BOO.
                Maybe cutting it in pieces makes a difference?!

Hm.NO. Ok..ok...I should have let it cool down first, so the knife could slide through easily. But I was impatient! XP
The taste? Hmm..mwoah correction:... not something u would like to eat haha, even if you have a sweet tooth...It's super super sweet ~_~ And the texture isn't that good hehe. But hey! At least I can see the (uneven) layers XP!
I'm not going to try this...but if you don't use the Pondan brand and make everything from can look like this! that looks more like it! X)


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Haha...I love the faces on the cake. Sorry you didn't love it. Have not tried this before but the last pic sure looks good. ;)

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