donderdag 7 januari 2010

Japanese Fashion Inspi.





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freshelle zei

def love asian fashion inspiration! it's so girly yet chic!

Toothfairy zei

ok.. kijk je alleen de plaatjes, of kan je het ook lezen? :P

ik lees altijd de taiwanese en chinese mags ... ok, ook van HK, maar de taiwanese zijn het leukst!


Shop N' Chomp zei

I heart Ayu! Great pics!

Shop N' Chomp zei

He'd hate us for it if he got demoted to being an online only friend...hahaha. I don't want to hear a "I told ya so" if it were to happen again, so I go along with it. :P

The Poor Little Rich Girls zei

The first picture is beautiful, the model looks really good-nice post
Love, The poor little rich girl's. x

kalai zei

i love the one with the model wearing the striped scarf. so cool^^ i really want some biker boots now. i dont think ill suit them.ha~ but i want them!

--my hair might turn yellow?lol. okay maybe i'll go for light brown to be on the safe side.ha~ i never get the right colour with self dyes.. i've never tried japanese ones though.. seems like everyone is getting nice results... maybe i'll get some^^

my bro can do the again and again dance.. i just look stupid when i

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