zondag 17 januari 2010

The-Iamshowingstudyavoidingbehaviour- Post

I need to be in the books...

...but my nails suddenly needed some colour...

.... but I wanted to show you my happy food bookmarker....

...but I wanted to teach you 8 yoga poses for good health....

...but oh hey! My notes are full of doodles...

...but I was craving lollipops with gumfilling....

...but robots doing the 'Nobody' dance is much more interesting....

...but...okay I'm out of buts....

*dragging myself back to studying*

9 opmerkingen:


how creative, everything from your drawing in your notebook to your nail artistry! very talented indeed! :D

kalai zei

ha~ did you get back to work after this:p

those nails are so cool. did it take you long? i love the colour and pattern!

your bookmark is so cute~my friend has the iphone cover with that print~

you do yoga? i'm thinking about starting yoga. i'm really not flexible at all XD

ha~ cute doodles. i miss doodling. used to do it so much in lectures to keep myself awake. that one in the corner looks like a tiger pikachu.lol

that robot thing is crazy. i tried learning that dance but never got to learning it all. my brother is just good at stuff like that. he knows taeyang-wedding dress, all of 2pm and even snsd genie=___= haha~ xx

The Owl's Closet zei

oh wow, such cool nail design! loving ur doodles, too:) u're very talented, indeed! hope u got some studying done!


Musicalhouses zei

LOL! Lovely nails, cute doodles and OMG those lollipops! I haven't had one since I was a kid!

Toothfairy zei

die konijn is vet! haha... grappig!
en je boekenlegger is lief, ik ben echt een sucker for leuke boekenleggers... ik heb/had er zo veel, maar ik raak ze continu kwijt, dus moet ik steeds weer nieuwe kopen... vet dom!

ga leren... :P

amynaree zei

love your nail design!!! super cute

Musicalhouses zei

Thanks for dropping by too! Just followed you, so please do follow me if you decide you like my blog enough to! :)

☆Anastacia☆ zei

Your nails looks so cool! Like the combination of colors you chose!

Old Cow zei

Your NOTD is smoking hot! I love this.

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