zondag 10 januari 2010

Hello Milk Tea Brown Hair?

I finally received my Liese Bubble Hair Colors! I have Ash brown, Milk Tea Brown and Mocha Orange. So today I tried out MTB. It's explained very clearly with pics, drawings and tips X)

 Since the hair dye is like a mousse, it shouldn't drip. And it didn't, which is a relieve cause I'm doing it myself. After mixing solution 1 with 2, the mousse was ready. It's really interesting cause the solution doesn't look foamy in the bottle. It turns into "bubbles" when you squeeze the bottle. So after my hair was covered with foam and I gave it a good massage, I waited 30 minutes....

...washed my hair...

...and was not too impressed. It just made my black hair slightly lighter.

But after blow drying...

..Oh hey! It's pretty obvious brown (with flash)...but not Milk Tea Brown though... XP The colour is quite nice!

My hair colour before:

Hehe since my hair is lighter now....I'm sure the other colours will show up even better! So next time I'm going to have fun with these ghehe:

I'm also very curious about the other colours...so I will be buying these again! X)

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Manju zei

definitely not milk tes!but it's a lovely colour anyway and you can pull it off!

Toothfairy zei

leuk! wat goed dat het zo mooi en goed pakt... komt zeker omdat het speciaal voor asian haar is?

ik verfde vroeger mn haar met l'oreal enzo, en je zag het eigenlijk alleen in het licht, zo'n glansje. maar niet zoals dit.


amynaree zei

asian hair colors are always so interesting! i want milk tea brown hair :)

Yumeko zei

i hear good things abt this brand
like ur hair becomes really soft etc

good luck with other colors

kalai zei

i wanted 'milk tea' coloured hair too.ha~ i love the names of japanese hair dye colours.
i didnt buy any dye yet though. cz i didnt think itd work well on my hair. i used l'oreal about a fortnight ago to dye my hair 'lighter brown' and it turned darker! lol. my hair is prac black now¬__¬ so think i might have to just get a 'blonde' hair dye.lol.

-- i wish i was in the 2pm flashmob.lol. if i could dance like that XP xx

xoxo zei

Love the new color, it looks like nutmeg a bit.

Shop N' Chomp zei

They have the cutest names don't they? ;) You have luscious good enough to drink milk tea brown hair now, doll!

Now go see Sherlock Holmes! XP

Shop N' Chomp zei

Haha...your mom's too funny! She just calls it as she sees it huh? XP

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