donderdag 28 januari 2010

Guess What?

 Guess....Who is she??

You are right, if you thought.... Heidi Montag!

But wow, that's a major change! Hmm... not really a case of plastic fantastic, it's more plastic drastic... I mean...her whole face looks tight, re-shaped and emotionless, in other words: unnatural. Hmm...I really wonder what this means for the aging process of her face.

But really, I don't understand, and probably never will, why people change their appearence multiple times like that. Well the end, it's a happiness issue. You are unhappy with something, so you change it. I think that makes a way?  I must say, plastic surgery never fails to fascinate me ghehe...It's always an interesting topic. So do you think she looks better before or after the surgeries?

Ghehe...she probably need some new passport pics now...XP

Oh something different. American Apparel sure got some weird marketing tricks.....What's with the full moon and the position?! I, as potential buyer, am not interesed in this girls naked behind pointing my way! Yes, now I am really interested in buying a printed tank thong. +_0 ( Ok...the print is kind of cool though XP)

...Time to go now!....And wash my eyes XP

3 opmerkingen:

The Owl's Closet zei

omgosh, i didn't recognize her at all!! definitely a drastic change...

Michèle zei

Heidi zag er eerst zoveeeel leuker uit. Toch erg wat die showbizz druk met een waarschijnlijk labiel en onzeker persoon kan doen..

kalai zei

she looks so different O_o...

ha the american apparel.. why?? lol.. i dont get it.. but i guess we all appreciate things differently.ha~
i feel wrong looking at it.. lol.. xx

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