zondag 3 januari 2010

The Bigger The Better

Haha I think Flashmobs are awesome! It's really a good way to get people's attention for whatever...it could be for a product/ a person/ a new show etc. People will stand, watch, talk about it and certainly remember it. I mean...how often do you get the chance to see something like that? Yup...probably not very often. The whole show is gone after a few minutes...and I like that...leaves a big impression that way and a big huh?! What was that?! 0_o haha at least I would think that way XP... But  it's most likely different when your actually there...or watching it on YouTube...maybe it's not that spectacular as I think it is...

But anyway...my favourite is the tribute to MJ in Stockholm. (many of you probably have seen this one already...it was/is really populair)

Haha that's insane! HUGE group X)

O and this one is nice too! It's in an amusing park...and suddenly people start lying on the ground doing their thing haha...

This group looks so pro! Haha I find Beyonce's song much more interesting here ghehe...

Well entertaining don't you think?! (at least more entertaining then most of the crappy tv shows they are making nowadays >_<) ghehe...

2 opmerkingen:

kalai zei

wow.. so cool. i joined a flashmob once but it was just a simple one.lol. nothing this skilled. the MJ tribute looks so good~

-- hope you had a great new year too hun~
the fur coat was on sale for £20 at H&M! I was going to buy it for myself but my friend couldn't think of anything for my xmas present so I gave her the idea.lol~~ xx

Shop N' Chomp zei

I love watching flash mob vids. They always put a smile on my face! :)

Oh yah, I have no idea what the filling was in the chocolates (or if there was any) but it better have been something super pricey! XD

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