zondag 13 december 2009

The Zombies Ate Your Brain

Hahaha so sinds a day or two i'm playing the game: Plants vs Zombies....and it's so much fun! \\^0^//
Haha ok ok... It's sounds really lame but it really isn't! The game is pretty simple. Stop the zombies before they get in your house and eat your brain. How? Well by planting different kinds of plants with different qualities. So it looks like this:

Ok even if you don't like gaming and think it's a waste of time...it looks cool right? Besides that the graphics are awesome it contains a lot of humor! (MJ is in there doing this thing....) I'm not much of a hardcore gamer but I do like these kind of games (especially when it's cold and dark outside =_=) And this one is really addicting 8)

O.. one last thing...the notes that the zombie leave you in the game are hilarious....It would be fun to print them on a T-shirt or something.  Hmm maybe I'm going to do that for fun! :)   Ok  I will stop boring you all with my nerd post now 8)!

4 opmerkingen:

freshelle zei

lol that sounds fun!!

thanks! i'm so excited about mona's giveaway prize hehe and first time i won something from giveaways!

the shiseido cotton..omg i can't even use words to describe them. they are so so so soft and don't leave residue behind on your face (like those cheaper ones you get at the drugstore).

Shop N' Chomp zei

Haha...funny concept! XD

Sorry to hear about the polish chipping. I am so not going to show my doodles! :P

Toothfairy zei

sounds good, the game looks like fun!!!


audrey zei

you're welcome :) thanks for your comment too^^
haha yes when i was making them, i wanted to eat a real one lol^^

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