woensdag 30 december 2009

Woohoo HK Goodies!

A friend of mine went to study in HK for nine months and he came back a couple of days ago! And I asked for a couple of things I wanted to try. So I friendly asked for these:

Since my Dr.Young bbcream clogged my pores, I still wanted to give bbcream one more chance. So MISSHA had something to prove now haha XP. I tried it on....and looked white-ish (--)...which is still better then grey-ish(Dr.Young)....I guess. But after a couple of minutes, it looks more like my skintone. It didn't clog my pores (+) and it evens out the skintone (++) . I don't know yet if I need to use finishing powder after this....we will see how it looks like when I wear this all day!

The BRTC Pore Tightening Serum is so far so good. Not shrinking the pores though haha (aw... no miracle worker).... but the hydration is good and I like the cooling effect. I could use the extra hydration in the winter!:) Not only my face needs extra attention...my hair too..=_+

O I always wondered how asian male celebs do their hair! The layers show up nicely and it seems weather proof haha XP  Ok ok probably it's a good hair stylist with a blowdryer, flat iron, wax and hairspray something like that....but I can't get those things to work for me! (not that i'm trying to have the short asian guy hair style XP) I tried so many hair product and brands...wax, gel, fiber, glue....haha but hey -> not GATSBY! (wow the wax smells like apple *0*) So i'm hoping it's going to hold my layers up....like Goku! XP

O Prettia hair dye is coming my way too! It's on a boat right now...I wonder how long it takes from HK to my frog country...

A now I will leave you with some healthy exercise....cool happy japanese kids in funky outfits demonstrate it hahaha it's so cool....and the lyrics are so ...so...unique...

So do you have any idea what they are singing!? (Shh...if you watched nodame XP) Hehe my first guess was something like: Everyone do lot's of excercise with us! It's good for your health! It's keeps you strong! Stretch like this etc.

I was wrong. Partially though haha.

3 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Why does that remind me of the Para Para dance?! I'm really digging the kid with the afro...hahaha! Too cute. :P

My hubs swears by Gatsby! Looking forward to your Goku hair...lol!

Toothfairy zei

hey! kan je ook nederlands? of had ik dat al een keer gevraagd?

if you didn't understand above, I guess you don't speak dutch :P

Anyway, I've always wondered what origin you are... chinese?


Shop N' Chomp zei

To quote you lovey, "Cheap cheap hooray"!!! XP

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