maandag 7 december 2009

Short & Random

 #1 S&R:  Hooray I received my first matte polish today from Ebay! \\^0^// It's not popular here I can't get matte polishes in the stores. It's like a magic polish, it goes on wet but dries really fast into a matte finish...very interesting haha. Gorgeous colour don't you think?:)


#2 S&R: I went shopping today and was holding back on buying I only bought these golden rose earrings. And I did pretty darn well (even if I say so myself :p) haha i'm really into rose earrings at the moment, so me = happy ghehe x)


#3 S&R: Oops, I lied. I bought some fabric too for sewing class. Making clothing  is so time-consuming...even buying fabric took me forever. (really picky + indecisive + being a cheapskate atm) The market had a lot of nice fabrics though...and nice people working there, who are always in for a random chat. (Mister-with-really-expensive-but-really-nice-fabrics, If you ever say "hookie tookie tak" again when i'm talking chinese..I will consider burning down your nice fabric collection... or something)

#4 S&R: Yay my favourite hairdresser is having a discount! Nice...stimulation to make the long planned needed appointment...

#5 S&R: I doodle a lot when i'm my college notes are full with doodles...But I think it would be fun to keep track of my doodling haha...cause I'm not really aware what I doodle most of the time...(I guess thats why it's called a doodle ghehe). So I'll show you my latest weird creation.....

....So what do you see in it?X)

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Kym zei

SENITA!!! you could've gotten a tablet for free and you turned it down?!!?!? i shake my head at you!! hahaha! ;P jk jk... and you could have used it well too since you're a doodler! from your doodle, the first thing i saw was an evil piggie. am i right? ;P also that matte polish looks AWESOME! great color as well! :)

Shop N' Chomp zei

What do I see in it? ART! You should see my doodles. They look like a five year drew 'em...hahaha! XD

Love your new polish and rose earrings, sweetie. And wow, your hair is long. Can't wait to see your new 'do!

P.S Thanks for the sweet comment!

freshelle zei

That's a really nice purple! I'm like, in LOVE with purple nailpolish haha.

Toothfairy zei

my friend used to make drawings in her college notebooks as well, she even had colors in her bag, and make really cool drawings with it, during class!!! so cool....


audrey zei

the colour of your nail polish is very gorgeous :) thanks for sharing^^

drey jewelry design

NottyEvil zei

Love that matte shocking purple shade! very nice sketching ;) i carry my sketchpads with me now so i can pick up the habit of drawing again.

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