zaterdag 19 december 2009

Do you know your digital cam?

Well I sure don't. I only now the switching off the flash light or make sharp close up pictures. The camera is from HK...and the language is set in that's not really helping me understand the other fancy functions. But after some pressing and shooting around...I discovered some useful and fun functions!:)
So I made some "horror" pics (using my desktop lamp:))....not very flattering but it was fun. It made me look like a demon  haha XP So after some editing in turned out quite colourful haha:)


 O another function that I liked...was ISO? This function is really flatering for face (self) pics haha.

See how it gives kind of a grainy/blurry effect?:) O and that's my favourite bird doodle ghehe...

I forgot what this function was... but it thought the pic looked very dynamic and reminded me of clubbing...probably because of the light effects...


I believe this function was for sports pics..or moving well I didn't move so it made me look like I was moving?! ..Ehh I don't know so maybe it's not the sport function...8) (very good memory)


Moving on to the mountain function ...If your not a mountain and it's dark...the pics will turn out orange.

                  Failed I'm-a-nerd-and-i'm-pushing-up-my-glasses pic XP

Woah (camwhore)


3 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

LMAO! XD Hey, great pics playing with your cam Senita. I'm a total newb with my point and shoot. It'll take me a while to graduate to a DSLR hahaha! :P

Avatar's plot is predictable but the animation/graphics more than makes up for it!

Toothfairy zei

lovely pics!

I usually just take the pics and adjust them in photoshop, mainly lightening.


Shop N' Chomp zei

Pro someday? Damn straight! XD

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