woensdag 30 december 2009

Woohoo HK Goodies!

A friend of mine went to study in HK for nine months and he came back a couple of days ago! And I asked for a couple of things I wanted to try. So I friendly asked for these:

Since my Dr.Young bbcream clogged my pores, I still wanted to give bbcream one more chance. So MISSHA had something to prove now haha XP. I tried it on....and looked white-ish (--)...which is still better then grey-ish(Dr.Young)....I guess. But after a couple of minutes, it looks more like my skintone. It didn't clog my pores (+) and it evens out the skintone (++) . I don't know yet if I need to use finishing powder after this....we will see how it looks like when I wear this all day!

The BRTC Pore Tightening Serum is so far so good. Not shrinking the pores though haha (aw... no miracle worker).... but the hydration is good and I like the cooling effect. I could use the extra hydration in the winter!:) Not only my face needs extra attention...my hair too..=_+

O I always wondered how asian male celebs do their hair! The layers show up nicely and it seems weather proof haha XP  Ok ok probably it's a good hair stylist with a blowdryer, flat iron, wax and hairspray something like that....but I can't get those things to work for me! (not that i'm trying to have the short asian guy hair style XP) I tried so many hair product and brands...wax, gel, fiber, glue....haha but hey -> not GATSBY! (wow the wax smells like apple *0*) So i'm hoping it's going to hold my layers up....like Goku! XP

O Prettia hair dye is coming my way too! It's on a boat right now...I wonder how long it takes from HK to my frog country...

A now I will leave you with some healthy exercise....cool happy japanese kids in funky outfits demonstrate it hahaha it's so cool....and the lyrics are so ...so...unique...

So do you have any idea what they are singing!? (Shh...if you watched nodame XP) Hehe my first guess was something like: Everyone do lot's of excercise with us! It's good for your health! It's keeps you strong! Stretch like this etc.

I was wrong. Partially though haha.

zaterdag 19 december 2009

Do you know your digital cam?

Well I sure don't. I only now the basics...like switching off the flash light or make sharp close up pictures. The camera is from HK...and the language is set in chinese...so that's not really helping me understand the other fancy functions. But after some pressing and shooting around...I discovered some useful and fun functions!:)
So I made some "horror" pics (using my desktop lamp:))....not very flattering but it was fun. It made me look like a demon  haha XP So after some editing in PSP...it turned out quite colourful haha:)


 O another function that I liked...was ISO? This function is really flatering for face (self) pics haha.

See how it gives kind of a grainy/blurry effect?:) O and that's my favourite bird doodle ghehe...

I forgot what this function was... but it thought the pic looked very dynamic and reminded me of clubbing...probably because of the light effects...


I believe this function was for sports pics..or moving things...hm well I didn't move so it made me look like I was moving?! ..Ehh I don't know so maybe it's not the sport function...8) (very good memory)


Moving on to the mountain function ...If your not a mountain and it's dark...the pics will turn out orange.

                  Failed I'm-a-nerd-and-i'm-pushing-up-my-glasses pic XP

Woah (camwhore)


woensdag 16 december 2009

Another painting/drawing thing

I like to paint but I don't seem to do it that often. I think it's because...hmm... I lack inspiration lately and I make a huge mess of the table when I start working on something.
When it comes to painting I don't like sketching things out on paper first. I just start drawing on the canvas, it's such a hassle sketching things first (which isn't that smart cause I mess up a lot hehe) So most of the time, the painting doesn't turn out the way I like it to be...which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good thing: It's more creative. Bad thing: I don't like it and hide it somewhere in a plastic bag. I'm really a perfectionist when it comes to painting/drawing so most of the time I think it's ok...but never I never think: WOW! AWESOME!. But then againg...I just do it for fun so i'm not bothered for long with the end result :)

So look what I found (hidden somewhere):

It's a monster growing hand in nature? I tried to copy  it from a magazine picture because it looked fun to recreate. It's originally a poster designed by Jason Devine. I checked out his site and I really like his work! Lot's of  colour and monsters haha:) O let me show you his original 'Nature in Our Hands':


Fun looking piece of work don't you think?!  Do you see what I did different? X)

zondag 13 december 2009

The Zombies Ate Your Brain

Hahaha so sinds a day or two i'm playing the game: Plants vs Zombies....and it's so much fun! \\^0^//
Haha ok ok... It's sounds really lame but it really isn't! The game is pretty simple. Stop the zombies before they get in your house and eat your brain. How? Well by planting different kinds of plants with different qualities. So it looks like this:

Ok even if you don't like gaming and think it's a waste of time...it looks cool right? Besides that the graphics are awesome it contains a lot of humor! (MJ is in there doing this thing....) I'm not much of a hardcore gamer but I do like these kind of games (especially when it's cold and dark outside =_=) And this one is really addicting 8)

O.. one last thing...the notes that the zombie leave you in the game are hilarious....It would be fun to print them on a T-shirt or something.  Hmm maybe I'm going to do that for fun! :)   Ok  I will stop boring you all with my nerd post now 8)!

maandag 7 december 2009

Short & Random

 #1 S&R:  Hooray I received my first matte polish today from Ebay! \\^0^// It's not popular here yet...so I can't get matte polishes in the stores. It's like a magic polish, it goes on wet but dries really fast into a matte finish...very interesting haha. Gorgeous colour don't you think?:)


#2 S&R: I went shopping today and was holding back on buying things...so I only bought these golden rose earrings. And I did pretty darn well (even if I say so myself :p) haha i'm really into rose earrings at the moment, so me = happy ghehe x)


#3 S&R: Oops, I lied. I bought some fabric too for sewing class. Making clothing  is so time-consuming...even buying fabric took me forever. (really picky + indecisive + being a cheapskate atm) The market had a lot of nice fabrics though...and nice people working there, who are always in for a random chat. (Mister-with-really-expensive-but-really-nice-fabrics, If you ever say "hookie tookie tak" again when i'm talking chinese..I will consider burning down your nice fabric collection... or something)

#4 S&R: Yay my favourite hairdresser is having a discount! Nice...stimulation to make the long planned needed appointment...

#5 S&R: I doodle a lot when i'm bored...so my college notes are full with doodles...But I think it would be fun to keep track of my doodling haha...cause I'm not really aware what I doodle most of the time...(I guess thats why it's called a doodle ghehe). So I'll show you my latest weird creation.....

....So what do you see in it?X)

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