donderdag 5 november 2009

Want a bit of my meat hand?

I know halloween is over...but I think this is really an awesome dish to serve next year?..or if you wish to freak someone out hehe. It really looks like a chopped off hand that is baked/fried haha! Nails and bone included.....

Hm yumyumyum!

Wonder what it is? Well it's a delicious meatloaf with cheese! The nails or made from onions. Haha how cool is that?! I wish I had the fantasy and of course, the cooking skills to come up with this:) But the artist of this piece posted the recipe! But you do need to buy the gelatin mall first. Haha maybe I will make this for my to see their reactions haha.

Check  for the recipe!

3 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Omg, that looks disgusting and perfect for!

P.S So no fried apple pie where you are either huh? :(

adin_22 zei

wow....that looks so real & gross....haha...I wonder what it taste like...hehe....

Yup, I agree with u...they're a bit look alikes...or maybe because of the hair cut...

Babybubblz zei

Ew! In a good way...Very creative!

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