vrijdag 20 november 2009

Received my give away goodies + tag

 A few days ago I received my package from Yasumi from Worship At the House of Blues! \\^0^// So this is what she send me:

It's a handmade necklace, some SUQQU samples and a Sonia Rykiel cream eyeshadow.

The necklace! I really like the pendant and the combo of black and gold!

                         The Sonia Rykiel cream eyeshadow. I think it's a Japanese brand? It's is a sheer pink.

Thanks again!:)

Oh and I was color tagged by Spoiled Rotten, and it's the color lavender...hehe I don't have much lavender things! So these are the only things I could find:

                                                                     Lavender nails

Haha I found this....evil queen!

                                           Clinique pouch with a crappy Clinique product that doesn't work...

So that's it! I'm supposed to do 7 but I could only find 4 -_-

2 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

LOL! Good idea to use the evil queen! XD

That necklace is absolutely beautiful. And I love the pink Sonia Rykiel e/s. Great stuff! :)

Aralka zei

This neckleace is very nice!

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