dinsdag 3 november 2009

I won!

I'm in a shitty mood right now...it's dark and rainy outside...and i'm very warm at home...hmm ok. Ugh I lack sleep at the moment so that's probably the main reason why i'm grumpy about everything. BUT then I saw this post at Worship at the House of Blues:

Winner: SENITA! \\^0^// Haha yay I haven't won anything for years! From now on i'll be waiting at home everyday staring at my mailbox......

...oh wait we don't have a mailbox.

2 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Congrats! But what do you mean you don't have a mailbox?!

ATingsBlings zei

Haha well..it's not really a mailbox! The post just drops on the doormat haha don't know what happened to it.

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