zondag 15 november 2009

Fight for Jimmy Shoes...

Today is the day the fashion addicts waited early in the morning to prepare for battle. Why? Because today is the day (O it's very late..correction:..was the day..) that Jimmy Choo's collection hits the H&M! Bags, clothing, jewelry and of course...high stilettos for a friendly price.

And of course...I wasn't one of them...ghehe. So this is how it went ->
I was at the train station and was about to take the train home. But then I saw all these nice blue shiny bags with JIMMY CHOO on it everywhere! Hmm my niece mentioned she wanted a pair JC shoes but I didn't know that is was available today! So since I was near the designer goods, I decided to take a look. (and maybe laugh at how the woman were fighting for their Jimmy...ghehe) But to my surprise it wasn't that chaotic and catfighty...well hm...maybe a little bit haha. The collection was kind of a punk/rock inspired -> zebra print, leather, black/grey and studs. So I did like most of  the collection:)

But my main goal-> a pair of stiletto's. The shoe area  wasn't as crowded (lucky), although you've have to grab fast or it vanishes quickly before your eyes haha. But without breaking into a sweat a got myself a nice pair of black stilleto's for €80 ..hm that's about $120!  I was very that lucky that my size was still there :) Tadaa my brand new shoes:


The heel is really high...so I have to practice a bit first haha. Since i'm more of a sneaker and flat boots person...but I have to say, for stilettos they are quite comfortable:) So that's the main reason why I bought them. ...Oo now that I think of it...besides not being a pro high heel walker... i'm rather clumsy ...I even trip in with boots or sneakers on....ha..ha.....that's going to be a problem...

3 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Those look HOT on you, babe! I was there too. Check out my blog ;)

cushycottage zei

very chic stilettos. i'm not a heel girl either. good to know they're comfy.

kalai zei

there were still shoes when you went?? i was queuing up before opening!=__= lol and I couldn't even get a pair. it was crazy here^^ people pulling clothes off mannequins and selling between themselves. Thankfully my friend got the pair I wanted and they were bit tight on her so she sold them to me ^^ xx

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