zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Trip to the museum!

Yesterday I went to the museum for a paper about art!:) This time there was an expostion named: "The Art of Fashion" so me and my friend checked it out. And wow I really enjoyed this collection made by different artist/designers! Each had a different style and story behind them. I noticed that I like artist who incorperate humor in their creations. Sometimes you really need to now the intention of the artist before you can appreciate his/her art. Normally I can get really bored in a museum...but now I think I know why. I'm just not really impressed by (15th till-18th) century) oil paintings and sculptures. I can't look at them for long...I don't know it just not my thing.... maybe  I see little difference between them? Although they are perfectly made.... But anyway I'll show you the things I did like!:) (The picutres are not that good because I forgot my camera so I used an old one...-__-)

"Full moon" and me (Camera had trouble focusing without flash...) I forgot the name of the artist...but he made pictures with nude chubby women in them....not to forget in weird embarresing postions..hmm

Viktor & Rolf (Dutch designer duo) The model really has to wear the dress with the spotlights and everything...

                                              Made out of REAL hair *_*

How does the artist want to be found 300 years after his death? Well in this grave! (Haha I masked the private parts hahaha don't want to shock younger readers:P) My friend asked me to read the info first before I looked at this art piece. It really made me laugh when I knew the story behind it. It's kind of childish and over the top haha. Hey at least people would smile when they visit you after passing away? Better then those sober coulours all the time!

Haha such a funny expresion! It wasn't intentional to make this expression...the fabric just turned out this way.

This was awesome. I looked at it for a long time...freaky looking huh? It's like a blurred glass box with a doll in it. The box is filled with water and camera's are installed at different angles. The doll had a wig and a dress on. Because there is a blow drying machine the hair moves...and because of the water, the dress moves very elegant. These movements are shown on the screens behind. Very eerie atmosphere...but very interesting:)

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☆Anastacia☆ zei

Wow! I didn't visited a musemes for ages! These is such inspirational pictures!

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