vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

New hair trend: ombre color

Bored of your hair colour? I know I am. The new trend seems to be a nice soft fade of colour! I would try it if I could find a really good hairsalon to do it haha. I don't think any hair stylist can do this the *right* way. I don't like the colour fades in the pictures i'm showing...for example the grey/lilac isn't really flattering...makes her look old and ...dusty? The blond/bleu/black fade isn't as subtle for my liking...I still have to find a colour fade that I like hehe. (me = picky)

The more I look at it...hmm the more it seems the girls are growing out their hair colour...just major roots showing! Haha so maybe if you want to achieve this look just leave your roots growing...and growing.....Well saves a lot of money on hair dye:))


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