dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Hot n cold facial

The weather is changing and my skin knows it. It's drying out a bit...I have a lot of mask lying around so today I gave myself a nice facial:) After normal cleansing I used the PDC L'epoze hot esthe gel. This is a self warming gel and it should remove impurities and blackheads. You need to massage the gel until the black beads are gone. I like the short massage (5-10 minutes) with the warming effect! Feels nice:)  But it doesn't remove blackheads...but I think my skin feels cleaner?

After this I used the PDC L'epoze esthe gommage nose peeling mask. I didn't really like it before because it was hard to remove  and I didn't see any difference. But I gave it another shot with a much thicker layer. You just spread the white gel on your nose. When it's dry you can rub the gel off with your vinger!:) I didn't expect much....but this time it really did clear up the nose pores! Ok not squeaky clean but a lot lesser:)

After rubbing and washing the mask off  I applied the Silk Whitia moisturizing mask!(click on the pic for info about this mask)  I leaved it on for 15 min and rinsed my face with water. The mask is really moisturizing and feels a bit cold (but nice) on the face. The down side of this mask is that it drips...So maybe next time I should lie down:P Haha me with the mask on! (No talking or eating with this thing on....it didn't stay in place above my lips....)

 The result is not -> WOW!! Haha but it should've gave me a radiant and energetic appearance...hmm nope not really...(Ok I also lack sleep...can't blame the mask not making me look "radiant" haha) The weird thing is...I look paler/whiter?! Odd cause it's not a whitening mask...or is this the energetic effect? Oh well I do have super soft skin now (for today)! ~3~

4 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

I have not tried the two products you listed above but I do like Silk Whitia masks!

Asami zei

I'd try it! :D

☆Anastacia☆ zei

I like sheet masks too :P

Old Cow zei

interesting masks!

My skin always plays up when the seasons change.

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