zaterdag 10 oktober 2009

Hahaha this really made me laugh..

Well this isn't really beauty related (hm it's kind of fashion/trend related though:p ) but I thought it is funny enough to blog about :P I was searching for  fashion sites and came across this article: "Japanese Geeks and the Things They Love" (  Sounds interesting and it kind of was haha. Apparently there is this discussion about otaku's (hmmm wikipedia says: is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games) who love their anime printed pillow(?!) a literal way. 0_o

Not really interested in this whole discussion about it but the pictures are hilarious! It shows Japanese men "dating" their love doll and dragging it with them on the metro/train. FREAKY. But who knows....they might not be dating them and just purchased them that day and bought them for the kids?(uhuh sure)   So for the pic's (haha I couldn't help but to add some thoughts they could be having:P):

I mean ... this dating thing can't be real?!  Hahaha I think the expressions are priceless though:P (look how the doll looks like a high school girl and the pillows have kiddy anime characters on them ... iee disturbing)

                      .....awesome slumber party....

Besides this being funny (at least it was for me haha)....Do you think this weird anime loving doll/pillow story is real??

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Shop N' Chomp zei

This is very disturbing...hahaha!

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