woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Clinique never works...for me

I've got a free sample of the Clinique high impact CURLING mascara. I can't find it right now but  I'll say one thing about it: don't buy it. Curling? Not even a lift. My curled lashes crashed straight down the moment I put this on...So I washed it off with warm water(!)Super convenient that is comes off with warm water! I wish more make up just goes off like that hehe! Saves me a lot of time and cotton balls. Hm aw too bad...in the poubelle ( I really like the french word for trashcan ghaha) it goes.

It seems like I never have any luck with Clinque...It's the same story for the their lash power mascara =_= And their 3step skin regime was also not working for me. That toner for combo skin(step 2) really burned and dried out my skin. I didn't like the dramatically different moisterizer (step 3) either. It  wasn't moisterizing enough for my skin (probably because the toner did a great job drying it out). The cleanser (stap 1) was avarage. Did the job, nothing special. Hmm I also tried their pore minimizing T zone shine control. So finally something that worked? NO. I applied it on my forehead and I didn't notice any reduce in shine (oil control) nor pore minimizing effects. Blah no Clinque stuff for me anymore....unless it's a freebie:)

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I've never had much luck with Clinique either. :(

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