donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Baking apple cake/pie!

Yay it's my housemates birthday!:) So we baked her apple pie! Well it's not exactly's more apple cake that looks like a pie? Hmm whatever it's called smelled sooo good when it was in the oven. The whole house smelled like apple and cinnamon ~3~ It reminds me of Xmas haha. It's actually the first time we baked a pie for getting a year older in this house. But we will definatly do this again:)

Tadaaa the piecake with candles! We knocked on the door but she isn't home right know...-___-" Haha I really want to try it............


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4 opmerkingen:

Shop N' Chomp zei

Looks delish! How sweet of your girls to bake her that. :)

Toothfairynotes zei

really cool, the pie looks yummy!


ko0ty zei

Mmm looks delish! Apple pie is my fav dessert. Simple yet so good.

Senita zei

I've never had this version apple pie before but it was very tasty!:) Haha i'm going to ask for the recipe:P

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