vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

New hair trend: ombre color

Bored of your hair colour? I know I am. The new trend seems to be a nice soft fade of colour! I would try it if I could find a really good hairsalon to do it haha. I don't think any hair stylist can do this the *right* way. I don't like the colour fades in the pictures i'm showing...for example the grey/lilac isn't really flattering...makes her look old and ...dusty? The blond/bleu/black fade isn't as subtle for my liking...I still have to find a colour fade that I like hehe. (me = picky)

The more I look at it...hmm the more it seems the girls are growing out their hair colour...just major roots showing! Haha so maybe if you want to achieve this look just leave your roots growing...and growing.....Well saves a lot of money on hair dye:))


donderdag 29 oktober 2009

Playing with sand

If you are bored and you are lucky enough to live near the beach...u should try what Sadarsan Pattnaik from India is doing...making sand sculptures!^_^ Making sand sculptures isn't recognised as art in India(!) Pfff... well if this isn't art then I don't now what is. Look at that! It's much more complicated to make then most of the modern art pieces. I mean if an urinoir with some paint on it is art...
I think it's nice that he takes international matters as a theme. It really draws attention in a different interesting way. And you don't even have to go to a museum to see it:)


                           Breast cancer, MJ's death, swine flu and politics he does it all! Pretty impresive huh?

zondag 18 oktober 2009

zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Trip to the museum!

Yesterday I went to the museum for a paper about art!:) This time there was an expostion named: "The Art of Fashion" so me and my friend checked it out. And wow I really enjoyed this collection made by different artist/designers! Each had a different style and story behind them. I noticed that I like artist who incorperate humor in their creations. Sometimes you really need to now the intention of the artist before you can appreciate his/her art. Normally I can get really bored in a museum...but now I think I know why. I'm just not really impressed by (15th till-18th) century) oil paintings and sculptures. I can't look at them for long...I don't know it just not my thing.... maybe  I see little difference between them? Although they are perfectly made.... But anyway I'll show you the things I did like!:) (The picutres are not that good because I forgot my camera so I used an old one...-__-)

"Full moon" and me (Camera had trouble focusing without flash...) I forgot the name of the artist...but he made pictures with nude chubby women in them....not to forget in weird embarresing postions..hmm

Viktor & Rolf (Dutch designer duo) The model really has to wear the dress with the spotlights and everything...

                                              Made out of REAL hair *_*

How does the artist want to be found 300 years after his death? Well in this grave! (Haha I masked the private parts hahaha don't want to shock younger readers:P) My friend asked me to read the info first before I looked at this art piece. It really made me laugh when I knew the story behind it. It's kind of childish and over the top haha. Hey at least people would smile when they visit you after passing away? Better then those sober coulours all the time!

Haha such a funny expresion! It wasn't intentional to make this expression...the fabric just turned out this way.

This was awesome. I looked at it for a long time...freaky looking huh? It's like a blurred glass box with a doll in it. The box is filled with water and camera's are installed at different angles. The doll had a wig and a dress on. Because there is a blow drying machine the hair moves...and because of the water, the dress moves very elegant. These movements are shown on the screens behind. Very eerie atmosphere...but very interesting:)

Black/white/grey rose nails

Today I came up with this design voor my nails! Hope you like it!:) Nail stickers are so much fun and easy to use!

Products I used:

I think it's obvious how I did my nails.... But for those who wanna now...i'm going to explain in short:) First put on a clear base. Dry? -> 1 layer or more layers of red. Dry?-> Put a nailsticker on each vinger-> Put some gold polish(or whatever colour u prefer) on a piece of paper and use the rhinestone pen for dotting! Dry? Add a clear coat and enjoy the result haha ~3~

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Magic words...

...A friend of mine is studying in HK for 6 months.....and he asked me if there is anything I would like to have  like cream/lotions etcetc? *_*  Haha I mean ...I don't NEED anything...but sinds he asked I can come up with a view things I would like....0:) I didn't asked for things cause I thought it would be a hassle for a guy to buy beauty stuff. But sinds he asked....  let me think...yup of course there are!:P BBcream(s)?,  Laneige strawberry peel? Nailstickers? Serums? Hair dye? GAA i'm going to check out sasa.com hahaha I'm so broke but he made an offer I can't refuse! I'm just going for the things I really need want.... I heard the Shiseido masks are really good too!

I'll be review hunting from now....

Pink Ribbon: October Breast Cancer Awareness

Wuzzyangel is spreading the word about breast cancer so i'm joining her! She and some of her relatives are surivors from the disease and I think people should know some facts and figures about it. To be honest I don't know much about breast cancer but I do know how to check myself. As i'm young(21) I'm not checking that often. But is it true that you can't get breast cancer when you are younger? Don't know so i'm going to find out now and share the information of course:)

- Men don't have boobies but they can have breast cancer (but mostly women)
- Starting from the age 30 breast cancer is the most frequent among other cancers.
-Woman who work out have 20% till 40% less risk of getting it! (note to myself: another reason to work out)
-If all woman worked out frequently it reduces 1000-1500 patients every year!
-5% of the new patients getting breast cancer has inherit it
-95% get the disease from other factors like: lack of excercise, too much alcohol, early period and late menopause, not giving birth or giving birth at on older age and obesity. 

Chart of 100.000 new women getting breast cancer each year:

(Seems like asians have a lower risk of getting it? Hmm maybe because of different eating habits?)

I found a nice website that explains how to check yourself  with pictures!:)

How do I check for lumps?

Start by standing in front of a mirror. Look at your breasts with your arms at your side, with your arms raised behind your head, and with your arms on your hips and your chest muscles flexed.

Examination in front of mirror
Next, lie down with a pillow under your left shoulder. Put your left hand behind your head and feel your left breast with the pads of the 3 middle fingers on your right hand. Start at the outer edge and work around your breast in small circles, getting closer to your nipple with each circle. After you've finished checking your breast, squeeze your nipple gently and look for discharge (fluid coming out of the nipple).

Examination lying down
Do the same thing to your right breast with a pillow under your right shoulder.

Pattern of examination
Be sure to include the area up to your collarbone and out to your armpit. You have lymph nodes in this area. Cancer can spread to lymph node tissue.

Lymph nodes


 So start checking everyone! Finding out early increases the chance of  winning the war against the disease! And do your exercise haha i'll try to do mine...:p

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Hot n cold facial

The weather is changing and my skin knows it. It's drying out a bit...I have a lot of mask lying around so today I gave myself a nice facial:) After normal cleansing I used the PDC L'epoze hot esthe gel. This is a self warming gel and it should remove impurities and blackheads. You need to massage the gel until the black beads are gone. I like the short massage (5-10 minutes) with the warming effect! Feels nice:)  But it doesn't remove blackheads...but I think my skin feels cleaner?

After this I used the PDC L'epoze esthe gommage nose peeling mask. I didn't really like it before because it was hard to remove  and I didn't see any difference. But I gave it another shot with a much thicker layer. You just spread the white gel on your nose. When it's dry you can rub the gel off with your vinger!:) I didn't expect much....but this time it really did clear up the nose pores! Ok not squeaky clean but a lot lesser:)

After rubbing and washing the mask off  I applied the Silk Whitia moisturizing mask!(click on the pic for info about this mask)  I leaved it on for 15 min and rinsed my face with water. The mask is really moisturizing and feels a bit cold (but nice) on the face. The down side of this mask is that it drips...So maybe next time I should lie down:P Haha me with the mask on! (No talking or eating with this thing on....it didn't stay in place above my lips....)

 The result is not -> WOW!! Haha but it should've gave me a radiant and energetic appearance...hmm nope not really...(Ok I also lack sleep...can't blame the mask not making me look "radiant" haha) The weird thing is...I look paler/whiter?! Odd cause it's not a whitening mask...or is this the energetic effect? Oh well I do have super soft skin now (for today)! ~3~

maandag 12 oktober 2009

Japan Fashion Inspi.

 Oo Japanese fashion magazines are awesome!<3

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