maandag 21 september 2009

Yes To Cucumbers - Eye Love Cucumbers - Soothing Eye Gel

I was looking for a good hydrating eye cream that wasn't too expensive...and I found this one! I think it is about $15? It has a lot of good stuff in it without the chemicals...(not that I really care..because all the other stuff I use most of the time -> not natural.) ..oh wait..99,6% it does have 00,4% chemicals =P But anyway it is a moisterizing-smelling-good-gel that absorbs quickly!( I tried using the carrot shampoo from Yes To Carots but I thought it smelled powder but worse. But this smells and feels fresh!) It has camomile  too tighten and soothe the eye area...and it does what it says! It hydrates really well and gives a breezy feeling! It should  also reduce puffiness and dark circels...hmmm ooo? Not really seeing that..but who cares it feels nice under the eyes!

If you are looking for a hydrating light fresh eye gel that is inexpensive and only contains 00,4% obviously should go and buy this! I heard some good things about the Yes To Tomatoes mud i'm going to try that out when i'm less poor:)

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