woensdag 9 september 2009

Yes I can cook!

No I can't really (...not yet...or rather not yet good)...I thought it would be easy! I was thinking about making baked salmon with ketjap manis. How hard can that be? I mean the ketjap is already done... My mom said : Oh easy... just bake this.. then put this and that in....give it a good stir.taste.voila! ^3^

NOT. =_=
 I thought it looked pretty good and delicious for a first time ! ...O but then I thought I should ad chillipepers...cause I like spicey things! In it goes...stir...taste..mm...waaaah...water! Too much big chunks of chillipepper...haha I ate it anyway with lot's of rice :P I think I need too find some good recipes and stick with them! Or listen better to my moms instructions...

O btw I took the picture before I tasted it....

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Palidor zei

I think it looks great! I might have to avoid the big chunks of chili pepper though... I'm not very good at handling heat!!

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