donderdag 3 september 2009

THE mascara for all asian girls!!

Yes i'm not lying. What is the nr.1 problem for asian lashes? For me it is that most of the time mascara doesn't hold the curl... Who cares about volume or longer lashes when the curl doesn't hold? But I have the ultimate mascare that gives volume, holds the curl perfect and thickens without clumping. It holds all day and is waterproof! The downside is that it's hard to take off. So you're going to need a really good waterproof eye remover.
So it is the japanese FASIO hyperstay mascara shock free - curl volume! I got mine as a gift from my niece who went to HK :) She said it was great and it is!
I know you can get the colour brown from They don't sell the black one though. Oh also check out fuzkittie's webshops list because she knows a lot of online shops that sell japanese make up. Go get it! :)

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