zaterdag 26 september 2009

Fishtail braid hair style

I like this kind of braid! Much nicer then the normal one. For those of you who have long straight hair must should try too braid their hair like this! I think it looks really nice... but I have too many many layers in my haven't tried it.Well i'm not good at doing my hair hair skills what so ever..unlike binosusume!*_* I wish I found her channel sooner -> when my hair was still one length. She makes the greatest hair styles with long hair. Check out the funky faux mohawk <3 tutorial on YouTube...

...and the other vids(->Lady Gaga ribbon hair) O and she also does the fishtail braids for those of you not understanding the barbie hair pic haha:))

2 opmerkingen:

Shopn'Chomp zei

Wow, so cool! I wish I had such skills. :)

Popcorn zei

those are really pretty nails!!!

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