zaterdag 26 september 2009

Failed tiger? stripes nails

I did this very quick and I failed in making nice stripes... Well it's not completly  bcse of my nail art skills but the black nail art polish is BLAH -> very sheer + runny + hard too handle! It's from Essence -> A very cheap dutch brand with most of the time bad quality products...but it's the only drugstore brand that sells nail art polishes -_-.So it turned out more like fantasy nails? haha:) I used KOH Glamourous Purple  polish as a base. It's a chameleon nail polish that is pink/purple/green/grey (depending on the light). It looks different everytime I look at it...very interesting!:) It applies smooth but it's also very I need 2 or 3 coates for a nice colour. Normally I keep my nails long...because of my guitar lessons I can't anymore..oh well short isn't that bad  and it is hygienic haha:)

Ps. Oh  i'm not doing  more weird stripes nails for a long time cause the blah polish is in the poubelle right now:)

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Babybubblz zei

Cool nails! I wish I had the patients to do this :P

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