woensdag 23 september 2009

Eye lash perm at home

I never got an eyelash perm done in a beauty salon. But now you can do it yourself with the Be Creation Eyelash Perm Set! Sounds pretty good huh? Haha but then I saw  the instructions....it looks uncomfortable(funny) with those clip-on-windows on the eyes!8) Haha you should get barbie alluring 3D lashes though haha...sure. You would probably get better result with the good ol' lash curler and a good mascara. Because only the tips are curled in the picture haha...funny  Mmm maybe when you curl it again after the perm you get an amazing result? Who wants to try? haha:)

2 opmerkingen:

Shopn'Chomp zei

Holy cow, is that even safe? Hee hee...

Senita zei

Totally....I bet those pink windows serve as protection as well +_+

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