zondag 6 september 2009

Ed Hardy oil painting

 I finally finished this oil painting! It took me a couple of weeks because I paint slow... It's my first time using oil paint but I really like how vibrant the colours turned out. I'm really bad at blending colours and making shadows. Need to google and work on that! O and I also keep staining the white canvas with my hands...=_= Anyone has a tip for that? I just used white to try to cover up the "dirty" parts but it's still noticeable...

 I used two pictures from Ed Hardy to make this painting so it's not completly my design:) Because Ed Hardy incorperated the brand in it's design... I switched it with my own name moewhaha...Well I didn't have any inspiration for an other name or word so might as well use my one then =P

Tattoo art (especially japanese) always has nice colours and tight lines which I like in paintings...but some how I do not like tattoo designs on clothing, accessories, jewerly or... on me haha. I mean  I would never wear something like this ->
Don't think it is really flattering ...but thats just me haha!
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