zondag 27 september 2009

Awesome hair style!

My hair grows really fast and i've been thinking about cutting it short again. I really <3 Rihanna's hair here (and her makeup) ~3~

Too bad she changed it into this.......

....a lot of blonde highlights...looks like her black hair is fading! Oh well can't like all of her hair styles:) I bet her hair changes soon again anyway :)) Looking forward too see what she will do next...maybe G.I Jane style haha

3 opmerkingen:

Shopn'Chomp zei

I agree. Her first hairstyle looked so much better! Oh well, maybe it will be G.I Jane style next like you said...hehe...

Senita zei

Yeahh a lot better! Not much hair left so we will see...:)

Kalmo zei


Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that Rihanna's all black hair is so much better than the one with highlights. Let us know if you take the plunge and cut it short again. :)

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