zondag 27 september 2009

Awesome hair style!

My hair grows really fast and i've been thinking about cutting it short again. I really <3 Rihanna's hair here (and her makeup) ~3~

Too bad she changed it into this.......

....a lot of blonde highlights...looks like her black hair is fading! Oh well can't like all of her hair styles:) I bet her hair changes soon again anyway :)) Looking forward too see what she will do next...maybe G.I Jane style haha

zaterdag 26 september 2009

Failed tiger? stripes nails

I did this very quick and I failed in making nice stripes... Well it's not completly  bcse of my nail art skills but the black nail art polish is BLAH -> very sheer + runny + hard too handle! It's from Essence -> A very cheap dutch brand with most of the time bad quality products...but it's the only drugstore brand that sells nail art polishes -_-.So it turned out more like fantasy nails? haha:) I used KOH Glamourous Purple  polish as a base. It's a chameleon nail polish that is pink/purple/green/grey (depending on the light). It looks different everytime I look at it...very interesting!:) It applies smooth but it's also very sheer...so I need 2 or 3 coates for a nice colour. Normally I keep my nails long...because of my guitar lessons I can't anymore..oh well short isn't that bad  and it is hygienic haha:)

Ps. Oh  i'm not doing  more weird stripes nails for a long time cause the blah polish is in the poubelle right now:)

Fishtail braid hair style

I like this kind of braid! Much nicer then the normal one. For those of you who have long straight hair must should try too braid their hair like this! I think it looks really nice... but I have too many many layers in my hair...so haven't tried it.Well i'm not good at doing my hair anyway...no hair skills what so ever..unlike binosusume!*_* I wish I found her channel sooner -> when my hair was still one length. She makes the greatest hair styles with long hair. Check out the funky faux mohawk <3 tutorial on YouTube...

...and the other vids(->Lady Gaga ribbon hair) O and she also does the fishtail braids for those of you not understanding the barbie hair pic haha:))

woensdag 23 september 2009

Eye lash perm at home

I never got an eyelash perm done in a beauty salon. But now you can do it yourself with the Be Creation Eyelash Perm Set! Sounds pretty good huh? Haha but then I saw  the instructions....it looks uncomfortable(funny) with those clip-on-windows on the eyes!8) Haha you should get barbie alluring 3D lashes though haha...sure. You would probably get better result with the good ol' lash curler and a good mascara. Because only the tips are curled in the picture haha...funny  Mmm maybe when you curl it again after the perm you get an amazing result? Who wants to try? haha:)

maandag 21 september 2009

Yes To Cucumbers - Eye Love Cucumbers - Soothing Eye Gel

I was looking for a good hydrating eye cream that wasn't too expensive...and I found this one! I think it is about $15? It has a lot of good stuff in it without the chemicals...(not that I really care..because all the other stuff I use most of the time -> not natural.) ..oh wait..99,6% natural..so it does have 00,4% chemicals =P But anyway it is a moisterizing-smelling-good-gel that absorbs quickly!( I tried using the carrot shampoo from Yes To Carots but I thought it smelled awful...like..baby powder but worse. But this smells and feels fresh!) It has camomile  too tighten and soothe the eye area...and it does what it says! It hydrates really well and gives a breezy feeling! It should  also reduce puffiness and dark circels...hmmm ooo? Not really seeing that..but who cares it feels nice under the eyes!

If you are looking for a hydrating light fresh eye gel that is inexpensive and only contains 00,4% chemicals....you obviously should go and buy this! I heard some good things about the Yes To Tomatoes mud mask..so i'm going to try that out when i'm less poor:)

woensdag 16 september 2009

<3 give aways!

And missmercurylady is holding one with  very nice prices! It's open for everyone so enter you might be lucky and win! ^3^

maandag 14 september 2009

Everybody has one...

...and finally I do too! Well beauty tubers and bloggers probably are raving over something else by now haha. I got mine from an Ebay seller that lives in HK for $10? if it's not less...(so much cheaper then Coastel Scents!) It was tightly wrapped but it arrived broken though...-_- But actually I don't mind but it was just a bother too clean it all up haha (lazy)...I'm not very good with eyeshadow so the very the first time I used it, I looked like someone punched me in the eye hehe..(No really I did)

Pros -> the pigmentation, the matte/satin finish, the price, the variety of colours.

Cons > really fragile, loose pressed, shadows popping out.

woensdag 9 september 2009

Yes I can cook!

No I can't really (...not yet...or rather not yet good)...I thought it would be easy! I was thinking about making baked salmon with ketjap manis. How hard can that be? I mean the ketjap is already done... My mom said : Oh easy... just bake this.. then put this and that in....give it a good stir.taste.voila! ^3^

NOT. =_=
 I thought it looked pretty good and delicious for a first time ! ...O but then I thought I should ad chillipepers...cause I like spicey things! In it goes...stir...taste..mm...waaaah...water! Too much big chunks of chillipepper...haha I ate it anyway with lot's of rice :P I think I need too find some good recipes and stick with them! Or listen better to my moms instructions...

O btw I took the picture before I tasted it....

zondag 6 september 2009

Ed Hardy oil painting

 I finally finished this oil painting! It took me a couple of weeks because I paint slow... It's my first time using oil paint but I really like how vibrant the colours turned out. I'm really bad at blending colours and making shadows. Need to google and work on that! O and I also keep staining the white canvas with my hands...=_= Anyone has a tip for that? I just used white to try to cover up the "dirty" parts but it's still noticeable...

 I used two pictures from Ed Hardy to make this painting so it's not completly my design:) Because Ed Hardy incorperated the brand in it's design... I switched it with my own name moewhaha...Well I didn't have any inspiration for an other name or word so might as well use my one then =P

Tattoo art (especially japanese) always has nice colours and tight lines which I like in paintings...but some how I do not like tattoo designs on clothing, accessories, jewerly or... on me haha. I mean  I would never wear something like this ->
Don't think it is really flattering ...but thats just me haha!

zaterdag 5 september 2009

Sunflower nails!

The summer is over but I still had these nails stickers lying around! I got people at work looking and asking if I did I myself haha!

donderdag 3 september 2009

THE mascara for all asian girls!!

Yes i'm not lying. What is the nr.1 problem for asian lashes? For me it is that most of the time mascara doesn't hold the curl... Who cares about volume or longer lashes when the curl doesn't hold? But I have the ultimate mascare that gives volume, holds the curl perfect and thickens without clumping. It holds all day and is waterproof! The downside is that it's hard to take off. So you're going to need a really good waterproof eye remover.
So it is the japanese FASIO hyperstay mascara shock free - curl volume! I got mine as a gift from my niece who went to HK :) She said it was great and it is!
I know you can get the colour brown from sasa.com. They don't sell the black one though. Oh also check out fuzkittie's webshops list because she knows a lot of online shops that sell japanese make up. Go get it! :)
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