vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Faded purple glitter nails

So I created these purple nails! I never did a fading colour before and it took me some time to figure it out. I just used a clear base coat, GOSH Gasoline and a glitter top coat. The trick is to stroke a base coat inwards when the purple is still a bit wet...and you have to layer the nail polish darker towards the tip. (I used a sheer polish)But there must be an easier way...I just don't know it yet and i'm gonna find out now!:)

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☆Anastacia☆ zei

Your nails looks amazing! Hot hot hot!
Thanq for the tips, gonna try it too :)

Senita zei

Thank you!!:) Good luck with it!:D

twinsouls888 zei

Oh my the nails are sooo pretty. I followed you ^_^

Senita zei

Glad you liked them!:)) Yay thnx for being my second follower haha!

Senita zei
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